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Liquor Store

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Liquor Store Front

We recently completed a remarkable commercial renovation project at a Liquor Store in the Lower Mainland. Our team skillfully transformed the space by constructing a stunning new tasting bar, providing customers with a welcoming and sophisticated area to sample different spirits. Additionally, we expanded the cashier area, featuring a beautiful stone countertop accompanied by an elegant liquor display rack above, adding a touch of luxury and convenience for customers during checkout. To enhance the overall aesthetic, we installed a stylish liquor and wine cabinet display, showcasing the vast selection of products available. Completing the transformation, we refreshed the store with new painting and flooring, giving it a modern and polished look. This renovation has successfully created an enticing and visually appealing environment for customers to explore and enjoy their liquor shopping experience.

Project Name: Liquor Store
Completion Date: 2023
Address: Richmond, BC

Wine and Liquor Display cabinet
Richmond Liquor Store
Liquor Store Wine Cabinets
Liquor Store: Wine and Liquor Display Cabinet
Liquor Store: Wine and Liquor Display Cabinet
Wine bottle display

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